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Name: Inkwell
Contact: [plurk.com profile] mister_inkwell | AIM: misterporcelain
Other Characters: Jake Chambers | [personal profile] thehangedboy

Character Name: Fiddleford McGucket
Age: Around thirty
Canon: Gravity Falls
Canon Point: Mid-breakdown; Day 74
Character Information: Here under 'Early Life'. In regards to his wife, it's worth noting that I headcanon him as having met her in Gravity Falls and their separation as occurring a little bit after the canon point I've chosen, in response to his mental deterioration and the whole 'starting a cult' thing. I've mostly decided to have this info planned out going in in case it comes up (since it's relevant to him currently and it's a big question mark in his history otherwise); other than that everything in this app is purely canon events or based on extrapolation from them.

Personality: While we do see a good amount of younger McGucket between all the episodes he appears in and we have a very clear idea of the facts of his history, I'll also be using examples from his later years in this personality section. I think it's fairly reasonable to extrapolate that many of the traits he has as an old man are ones he also had as a young one.

Something that is a constant across his entire life is his mechanical genius. He's built various giant robots, a memory-erasing ray, and aided in building a portal between dimensions. He also created what looks very much like a more modern (if very clunky and bare-bones) laptop design in the late 70s, a few years before laptops with that sort of design began to really be created and produced. From this we can see he's the sort of guy who's good at coming up with creative ideas that no one's ever thought of before, or that no one else would take seriously even if they did. That creativity and his genius go hand in hand to make someone who is good at thinking outside of the box and finding solutions others might not, who's willing to try the more 'out there' options before he gives up. Not only can he come up with state-of-the-art designs for laptops or mechanical pterodactyls, but he actually has the know-how to make them a reality. Don't like having to remember bad things? Why take pills when you could build a ray to straight-up erase them out of your brain! Want to get your son's attention and approval? Why talk to him when you could build a giant robotic lake monster that he's bound to have to notice! In terms of creativity he's also not half-bad at playing the banjo, which appears to be a hobby he indulges in his spare time when he's not building things. He's the kind of guy who just really likes to have something to do with his hands, whether that's a machine to tinker with or an instrument to play.

Another thing that goes hand in hand with his smarts and his creative bent is his tendency toward being proactive. Not only did he invent laptops more advanced than other ones currently being built, but he had already started up a home business with the intent of selling them when Ford Pines called him to Gravity Falls. He also straight-up started a cult in an attempt to combat the upsetting weirdness of Gravity Falls and help other residents when he could have just left the town -- but more on that below. The point is that he often takes the initiative making things happen; he's a good example of 'be the change you want to see'. 

Fiddleford is in general a nice, positive, helpful guy. He's the sort of friend someone would count themselves lucky to have. He went so far as to move all the way from southern California to northern Oregon (abandoning his own startup company and, presumably, the friendships and connections he had there) just because a school friend asked for his help. He continued to help him despite increasing warning signs that things were not all good in Gravity Falls and right up until something happened that was utterly unable to explained away or overlooked. The thing is, Fiddleford honestly wants to believe the best of people. He wants to think that there's good in everyone and approaches most situations with an optimistic view (responding with 'well, that's mathematically feasible!' when asked to help build the interdimensional portal rather than with the much more sensible 'are you nuts?'). If something looks bad he'll try to see the bright side to it, or find a way to turn it into something good. 

There start to be issues when that optimism is shaken. At the point I'm taking him from Fiddleford has seen into another dimension, the kind that demons like hang out in. It's a horrifying experience for him to see something so unquestionably evil and it shatters his entire worldview in such a way that he simply cannot reconcile the two. In response he not only creates a memory-erasing gun but also forms a cult (the Society of the Blind Eye) in the name of keeping the other residents of Gravity Falls from experiencing the same disillusionment and fear that he has. It's simply beyond his power to spin what he saw in the Portal into something good, and so his solution to making the bad situation into a good one is to wipe it from collective memory. This might seem like an extreme reaction, and indeed it is: Fiddleford has a history of overreacting very strongly to negative things in his life, starting with when he was sucked into the portal and continuing beyond. In fact, not long after the canon point I've taken him from he builds a giant mechanical pterodactyl to terrorize the town when his wife leaves him. The problem with being someone who approaches problems with a certain creative flair is that when it comes to reacting to bad situations, he'll often skip over the more 'normal' fixes just as he would in any other problem-solving situation but with far more disastrous results.

It doesn't help his tendency toward being reactionary that his mind isn't in the best of shape due to what he saw and the steps he took to fix it. At the point I'm taking him from in particular his mind is in a constant state of flux. He's been using his memory-erasing ray for 74 days and its effects are starting to show. Already prone to overreacting and fearing the strange and unknown, Fiddleford is now constantly on-edge and hyper-sensitive to anything 'out of the ordinary'. This has rendered him panicky and paranoid, quick to erase anything even the least bit unnerving as a way of coping with something he doesn't believe he can face on his own. He's jumpy as all hell, basically, and while it's something he recognizes and isn't proud of it's something that it's hard for him to turn off -- particularly when he's the one making it worse. His incredibly quick decline shows just how dependent he was on the ray, because while other members of the Society have been using it on themselves 'an awful lot', none of them show the same side-effects that he does. They've all been using it for presumably years, and after just a little over two months he already looks and acts far worse than any of them. The fact that he keeps going despite these side effects, which he even suspects are because of the ray, speaks to just how determined he is to avoid thinking about something that conflicts so strongly with his idea of what the world should be like. It's not a problem that his mechanical know-how can solve and so he builds a machine to help him (and everyone else) forget the problem exists instead. Not healthy, though it does show his helpful nature shining through in an admittedly warped way.

On top of that his constant use of the ray has left him with memory issues. While he hasn't yet got to the point that he's forgotten who he is or is losing large chunks of time, he sometimes has trouble with words and keeping the order of events straight. This, like his paranoia, is something that going cold-turkey from the ray in Ryslig may help to alleviate. Still, the damage has already been done to the point where his mind won't ever heal completely. His old kind, optimistic self is still there and does shine through, but it's been irreparably tinged by what happened to him in the portal.

Additionally we do see very strongly in the appearances made by older McGucket in the show that he has a certain need for attention and validation from people he cares for. His introductory episode centers around his attempts to catch the attention of his son via a mechanical sea monster, and he also admits to creating other giant robots in response to feeling slighted or overlooked. I believe that behavior was present in him earlier in life as well, and personally infer that he took the job helping Ford in Gravity Falls not only because of a genuine love of doing ridiculous scientific bullshit and a natural tendency toward being helpful but also because he was flattered to be the person Ford chose to ask for help. In other words, validation from a friend outweighed what was likely a slow-to-start business venture in a time where everyone and their mother was trying to get in on computers. I also infer based on the time we see him interacting with Ford during the time when Bill was possessing him freely that he felt slighted and unhappy with Ford having a secret new research partner that he literally built a dang shrine to. This is not the face of man who's totally a-okay with suddenly getting shunted into the background of what used to be an equitable partnership. 

5-10 Key Character Traits:
Wants Attention/Validation
Memory Trouble

Would you prefer a monster that FITS your character’s personality, CONFLICTS with it, EITHER, or opt for 100% RANDOMIZATION? EITHER
Opt-Outs: Manticore, Werebear, Vampire, Shade, Minotaur, Wendigo (Jake)

Roleplay Sample: Here!
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